We are happy to announce our new partnership with
Alibi Security.

Alibi: High Defnition Surveillance

Designed for Simplicity … Without Compromising Performance

Guaranteed  Reliability

 Highest quality components
Extremely low failure rates
Industry leading warranties
Exceptional Performance
Latest chipset technologies
Ultra-high resolution Unparalleled low-light images

Highly Scalable

Up to 128 channel recording

Up to 192 TB storage capacity
Consistent user interface
Trusted, Proven Solutions for Projects of Virtually ANY Size

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Desktop,  End-User  & Residential  Support
For home and small business, let us provide support for you and yours either in person, or by remote access (fully secure).
Prevent downtime and assure that you can do what you need.
From your PC, Click the link at the bottom of the page to get started
Server & Network Management
On site or remotely, we can monitor your servers and network to assure their security and maintenance, giving you the comfort of knowing that backups are being properly performed and updates are done correctly.
Support for an organization
of your size
If it's just you, or 20 or 30, we can assist
keeping you up and running.
Over 20 Years Of Experience
Whether you’re in the office or at home, you deserve a more productive, less stressful IT experience.  XPERT Computer Services has been helping customers like you since 2006.

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your systems?
Are you frustrated by annoying “glitches” that block your workflow?
Are you less than thrilled with your current IT support?
Save your sanity, increase your productivity. Contact us!
We’re a computer consulting company offering on-site and remote tech support and IT services to residential and small business clients. We serve New Yorks Capital District of Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rennsellaer counties and a few other areas if we’re in a particularly adventurous mood.

If your business or non-profit organization is not ready to hire full-time technical staff, let us be your virtual IT department. We’ll help you gain control of your IT infrastructure and budget so you can focus on running your business.
For home users, XPERT Computer Services is the alternative to big box stores with their vague enticements to “tune up” your computer. We offer personalized and professional PC computer support and repair in your home.
Personal Service is our halmark.
 We’re a small company (tiny, actually). When you call us, you won’t be transferred back and forth among various mysterious strangers asking you to repeat the same information over and over. We know our clients and they know us. Just read some of the testimonials they’ve been kind enough to share with us.

When you book an appointment, we’ll show up when we say we will. If we’re coming from another client and we’re running a few minutes late, we’ll call. (We promise… you should worry?)
Your Technology Partner
Let us help you use technology to your best advantage. Once you experience our stellar service and awesome technical know-how, you might just breathe easier, sleep better, and walk with a new spring in your step. If not, we’ll try even harder.